What is Windy City Laser Tag?

Windy City Laser Tag is a company that provides rental laser tag equipment to you for your party or event anywhere in the Chicagoland neighborhood.  The guns come to you ready to use and will transform any gathering into an exhilarating time of fun.

Who can play Windy City Laser Tag?

Almost anyone.  We recommend children 4 years old and up.  However, a child under that age can easily have a good time with the help of an adult!

How far ahead should I book my rental?

We recommend that you reserve the taggers at least a month in advance to make sure the guns are available for your event.

What exactly do I get with my rental?

You will receive 10 taggers, 10 headbands, 2 master keys, and the case the guns come in.

Does someone come and stay with the guns?

No, you will receive instructions as to how to use the guns and be able to host the laser tag event yourself!

Is it possible to rent the taggers and hire someone to come referee and setup scenarios?

Absolutely.  Simply contact us and we can have that arranged.

Can the taggers be used in the rain?

The guns may be used in a light mist but nothing more.  If it begins to rain harder than a light mist, the taggers must be brought to a dry place or they can be damaged.

What if my event gets rained out?

We will reschedule another day for you.

How do the taggers work?

The taggers use infrared light in order to deactivate other taggers.  Infrared is the same signal that your remote control works.  It’s completely safe for the eyes.

Are the taggers safe for eyes?

Yes.  The taggers use infrared light which is the same signal that a remote control uses. Completely safe!

How much does it cost to rent?

Check out our pricing page for more information.

Do the taggers work in the daylight?

Yes.  The taggers work very well in the daylight as well as in the dark.

How much space do I need for an event?

Depending on the age of participant, a small backyard might be sufficient.  Check out our location ideas for different options that you could use.

Do you have taggers that are better for teenagers or adults?  

Yes, if you are interested in larger taggers for an older crowd, check out www.MyBattleRoyale.com.

Is Windy City Laser Tag insured?

Yes, we are.